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SUMMER 2000-2001 / NUMBER 38



Lisa Meridan-Skipp Victoria Kelly: On Screen and Off

Sonic Broom: The Composers Talk Back!

        John Cousins    David Downes    Eve de Castro-Robinson
        Helen Fisher    Philip Norman

William Dart  Sonic Broom: New Zealand Composers Sweep the Floor

William Dart  Absolutely Essential: Auckland's Purely Piano Series

Gary Wilby  The Bicultural Connection: Tete Kura in Wellington

James Gardner  Emerging Talents: Auckland Philharmonia's Composer's Workshop

Jack Body  Frederic Rzewski: Pianist, Composer, Provocateur

Gillian Whitehead  Taking up the Challenge: A Conversation with Anthea Moller

Mirlama Young  Sonic Maps: The Musical Worlds of Annea Lockwood

Ian Whalley  Matthew Suttor: Visualising Music and Things Theatrical

Louise Garrett  David Watson: Insane Ruralism in New York